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Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge - China's First Yangtze Bridge

2021-03-02 01:12

Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge, standing between Wuchang and Hanyang in Hubei Province, commonly known as China's First Yangtze Bridge, is the first combined bridge built over the Yangtze River.

By connecting Hankou-Beijing Railway to Canton-Hankou Railway, it formed the Beijing-Guangzhou route, and has played an important role in promoting economy of north and south. After five whole years of preparation and tour cửu trại câu verification, technically supported by the Soviet Union government, the construction was started in Sep.

1, 1955, finished and open to traffic in Oct. 15, 1957, two years less than expected. On June 6, 2011, a megatanker hit the No. 7 pier in a thick fog morning and made the worst damage over the past decade. The steel truss bridge has a length of 5,511 feet (1,670 meters) in total, including a 303-meter-long approach at the northwest bank and a 211-meter-long one at the other bank.
It accommodates a double-track railway on the lower deck and a four-lane roadway on the upper deck. It has 8 piers which equally divide the main bridge into nine transit channels. In the middle of a line of sight spots, including from Qingchuan Pavilion, Turtle Hill, Lotus Lake, Turtle Tower and Guqin Stage, to Snake Hill, Yellow Crane Tower, Shouyi Garden and Peng Liuyang Road, the bridge composes a beautiful landscape.

Step up on the bridge and overlook, and you get a view of three parts of Wuhan. It is really a feast for the eyes. It is also a historical monument and remembered by the citizen. The PRC founder, Mao Zedong, gifted the world a praise inscription about the Bridge when he first came to see the Yangtze River in Wuhan in June, 1956. Going through times of attacks by rare flood and tour cửu trại câu từ hà nội storm, and more than 70 times of collisions in the past 50 years, the bridge, however, is still standing there and always stands majestically above the surging river.

It must be the most beautiful I've ever seen!

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